Elaichi (Cardomom) Tea

I love tea and although I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea recently, I don’t think anything beats home made ‘elaichi chai’. Elaichi (cardomom) is a herb which takes the form of a seedpod. You can find them at all Indian grocery stores. It adds a distinct, somewhat sweet, pleasant flavor to tea.
Ch ch ch check it out:

Serves 2

What we need:
2 Cup of water
1 Tea bag of your choice (It’s all about Tetleys for me)
Pinch of cardomom powder (If you only have pods, pop em open and grind)
Sugar to taste
Milk to taste

How we do:

  • Place the tea bag in the kettle and add the water.
  • Crush the cardomom pods with pestle and mortar unti forms coarse powder. Add to the kettle.
  • Bring to boil on medium heat.
  • Once it has boiled, our the tea into two cups.
  • Add sugar and milk according to taste.

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