Easy Mango Kulfi Recipe


As I write this, I can see the frost hardening on my window sill and the pavement covered in a blanket of ice through my bedroom window. We are well and truly in the midst of winter here in the U.K and the temperature has decreased dramatically this week consequently resulting in it being absolutely freezing outside. That said, after dinner last night (I had home-made tadka dal and cumin rice if you were wondering), I had the biggest craving for ice cream! I was in the mood for something fruity and decided nothing apart from a creamy home-made mango kulfi would satisfy my craving! Ma and I made this for the dessert course at a recent Spice Club supper club we hosted (the photos are from said event) and it went down a treat with our guests.
This recipe is a twist on the traditional one. It’s creamier in texture and is so simple to make! Take a closer look..

Makes: 1L ice cream approx


What we need:

825g mango puree (pureed fresh Alphonso mangoes are preferable if available, if not, you can get mango puree in most supermarkets)
600ml double cream
6 heaped table spoons powdered sugar
Pinch crushed cardamom
Halved pistachios and dried cranberries for garnishing (optional)

How we do:

  • Add the mango puree to a bowl and mix together with the cream, cardamom and sugar. Ensure you mix well so the mixture is smooth throughout.
  • Turn on your ice cream maker and slowly pour in the mixture. Allow it to churn until the mixture heavily thickens. The time can vary between different ice cream makers so please follow the instructions as per yours.
  • Empty into a container and place in the freezer for at least 3 hours.
  • Scoop into an ice cream glass and garnish with pistachios and dried cranberries.a1

18 thoughts on “Easy Mango Kulfi Recipe

  1. Hi there ,
    Never made anything like this even though im a curry addict.
    After following your recipie in now the master of kulfi ( LOL )

    Thanks a lot & keep recipies coming …

  2. yummy mango ice cream,and mango is my all time fav food…1st time in ur space…u have a nice collection of recipes…when free please drop into my space..

  3. Hi Monica
    This is just what I need for a post curry night dessert next weekend.
    Perfect in a mid summer Pilbara mining town with 40+ C’ most days.

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