Indian Restaurants In Orlando

I have had the pleasure of living in the wonderful city of Orlando for the past 5 years. Unfortunately, I have not enjoyed the same pleasure at Indian Restaurants in this Sunshine State. Today’s blog post (rant) comes from years of tolerating the poor quality of food Indian Restaurants serve in this city with bad service in a non existent atmosphere! Tonight, after experiencing another below average visit to a local Orlando Indian Restaurant, I felt the need to say enough is enough! Let’s review the regrettable experiences I’ve had in the last few years:

1) Aashirward: Cold Samosas (still frozen?), Off tasting kebabs, Bad Service, Bill was charged 3 times to debit card.

2) Tabla: Overpriced. Every dish I tried tasted the same. No atmosphere.

3) Woodlands: Woodlands is probably the best of the bunch. Saying this, their food is incredibly greasy and heavy. Service is mediocre as is the atmosphere.

4) Tun-Dur-Ree: This is more of a fast casual restaurant in Tampa. It’s a great concept but the food quality is below average (frozen food warmed up in a microwave, served in a plastic box). Also, their tag line is ‘Magic of the Indian Grill’ but I honestly don’t think they even had a grill in their kitchen. Zero on the ambiance. Got to say that their Madras Coffee was really good.

5) The New Punjab: Not much to say. Extremely average.

6) Memories of India: Portion sizes are ridiculously small and exceptionally overpriced ( $5 for one ice cream scoop?) Food was mediocre and service was very average and again a zero on the atmosphere. I’ve visited my motherland many times and I recall my memories of India being a lot better than this experience! It really puzzles me how Orlando Sentinel rates them as being the number 1 Indian Restaurant year after year.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like the state of Indian Restaurants leaves a lot to be desired after visiting them. Thoughts/Comments???

Ikea Hotdogs

So this past weekend I had a terrible time as my car broke down…poor Sheila. It was not nice and amidst the towing and trying to get parts and such, my bro asked me a question which brightened my up my whole weekend and made everything better… ‘Wanna grab a hot dog from Ikea?‘. My answer without a doubt was YES PLEASE. Okay so let us take a couple steps back…why the enthusiasm for hot dogs sold at the cafe of a Swedish furniture store? Well the answer is that they sell quite possibly the tastiest hot dogs for 50 cents! Sure, you may say well for 50 cents i’m sure you’re raving but they’re all beef and taste hella good.
I know it’s not my regular protocol to review food but I felt the need to let this out. Try em out!

Menu Project

I took a class this semester called ‘Quantity Food Preparation’. Sounds complex but it’s really a class where we learn how to cost, prepare and cook food in a commercial kitchen etc. At the beginning of the term, we were assigned a Menu Project in which we, in groups, had to come up with a menu theme for a 5 course meal. We had to cost it, analyze the nutrients, prepare it and finally cook and present it to a panel of judges. My group’s theme was that all of our dishes were to be made using tea. After an 8 week period of researching and experimenting, today was the day we had to cook our meal and present it. Everything went really well and turned out we won not third, not second BUT first place! Really enjoyed the whole process. A lot of work went into our 5 item menu..can’t imagine the work that goes into comprising a complete restaurant menu. Anyway, check out the pictures below:

Smokey Dumplings with Cream Cheese and Lapsang Souchong tea filling

Green Fruits Salad in Jasmine Tea Syrup

Mushroom Barley Soup & Peach and Ginger Glazed Chicken

Broiled Pineapple with Creme Anglaise Sauce and Chai Tea Ice Cream
We won!